Surface Tension Photography


I shoot nudes in all types of settings, from Glamour and Pinup to Artistic and Explicit. Who doesn't like a little explicit art! My goal is to tell a story with my images. Often, my artistic composition causes a viewer to look twice, as they unravel what is going on in the picture. Sometimes it is the model's facial expression, other times it is the environment that makes us wonder. Posing Nude can be invigorating, as you explore yourself and get outside your boundaries. It can be frightening for some, and exhilarating for others. The feeling of freedom, and an appreciation of your beautiful body, leaves many addicted to model again and again. How do you know that you aren't getting in over your head? I have references, and examples of work. Whatever direction or style you want to take, I can make you look your best!

  • Dmitri RenaeDmitri Renae
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  • Gabrielle Bree Gabrielle Bree
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