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Surface Tension is the fusion from several components of creative productivity. Combining skills from decades of live event design with photographic energy has produced an entirely new scale of capturing images and interacting with an audience. I stand strong as one of North America’s premiere turn-key exclusive design and production innovators. I specialize in integrating photography with state of the art theatrical lighting, pro-audio and video, elaborate staging, stylized scenic décor, and stunning stage sets crafted to any scale...For unforgettable interactions, I exceed all expectations.

Who I Am

I have spent the past 30-something years producing live events of every shape and scale. Touring the world with bands, and designing intricate corporate meetings has given me the ability to craft experiences that are out of this world. I got into photography in 1988, with an old but brilliant Nikon F-4, and dabbled in and out of it for many years. Early on, it was apparent that I have a gift for composition, and the eye to see things that others miss. Some of my best shots were taken with a little Kodak pocket 35mm handheld camera, proving that location, lighting, and composition matter far more than equipment. With the advent of the digital photography age, I began shooting a Canon Eos Rebel II, and have since returned to Nikon with a D7000. A large benefit of having been in the entertainment industry for decades, is the warehouses full of scenery, backdrops, and soft goods, not to mention the lighting gear, that is available to me. This inventory is often put to use on elaborate shoots.

I travel extensively, to all sorts of cool places: Florida beaches, Moab, Seattle, New York, Mexico, Australia, Chicago, California, Las Vegas, and Shanghai recently to name a few. If you are in one of these places, or want to travel with me to shoot somewhere I am going, then let's talk. London and the UK (Scotland specifically), Spain, and Italy are in the near future.

Send me a message and let's put together something exciting!

The Photographer

Curious & Want to Try?

Are you curious about getting in front of the camera? Perhaps creating a risque' folio for your own collection, or to share with your lover? Many people have found their inner selves awoken by the Fifty Shades book and film phenomena. Regardless of where your interests land, you can be assured that I'm not put off by your kink, and you will have my complete discretion while we record your explorations together. Whether creating beautiful parlor boudoir images, a pinup series, or your own version of naughty, I've got you (un)covered.

When you are ready to document your own personal journey, I can help, with a completely accepting and unbiased attitude. I see all sorts of things, and might even like some of them! Whatever direction or style you want to take, I can make you look your best. All client photography is kept in the strictest confidence, and only you will be able to access your pictures. Or, if you prefer, I can give you a disk with your shots on it.

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I'm currently accepting new client projects, and always look forward to working with you.

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